Delivering specialist hearing care for over 50 years

Welcome to House of Hearing.

We are passionate about your hearing and have been for over 50 years.

At House of Hearing our experienced team of senior audiologists will carry out your free comprehensive hearing test, find the best hearing aids for you, offer advice or fit customised hearing protection to suit your particular requirements.

We are proud to offer the only private ENT nurse-led team in the country providing you with an expert wax removal service, Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays in Edinburgh.

Complete Care

At House of Hearing we understand that being fitted with your new hearing aids is only the beginning of your exciting journey to better hearing.
We know how important it is to have complete peace of mind that you and your hearing health will be looked after for the lifetime of your hearing aids. This is why our premium hearing aids include our unique House of Hearing ‘complete care’ package which includes:

  • Our free hearing health assessment (full hearing test, tympanometry and real ear measurement)
  • Our ‘learning to hear again’ experience including our Complete Care book to help guide you through the process
  • A 4 year warranty on the hearing aids(s)
  • 4 years supply of batteries (or replacement rechargeable battery)
  • Full aftercare for life
  • Wax guards, domes and speaker units
  • An annual check of your hearing health and of the hearing aids
  • One complimentary wax removal treatment with our ENT team
  • A loan service if your aids have to be sent away for repair**

** the loan of hearing aids will always be offered, however we cannot guarantee a like-for-like loan aid

If you are concerned about any aspect of your hearing or the hearing of a loved one, please contact us.

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