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ENT Service

ENT Services at House of Hearing

House of Hearing features the only private ENT nurse-led wax removal team in the country. The clinical ear care teams at all House of Hearing clinics are led by Melanie Jackson, a highly specialised ENT nurse with over 20 years’ experience. This enables us to offer a wide range of specialist aural care services, including:

  • Wax removal by irrigation, microsuction and instrumentation.
  • Post-surgical ear care, including mastoid cavities.
  • Care of perforations, otitis externa, otitis media, exostosis and Eustachian tube dysfunction.
  • Private referrals to an ENT surgeon where appropriate.
  • Wax removal on children aged 2 years and above.

All of our wax removal clinics feature medical-grade ENT microscopes allowing us to take and share images of the patient’s ear canal and ear drum can pre and post treatment. We accept referrals for patients with blocked ear canals, aural discharge, pain, infections, and foreign bodies within the ear canal, and are usually able to offer an appointment within 72 hours.

To refer a patient, you can contact us using the details here or ask your patient to contact us directly.


House of Hearing Glasgow’s Unique ENT Service

House of Hearing Glasgow is operated in partnership with local ENT consultants, Clyde Consulting Rooms, making it the first private clinic in Scotland solely dedicated to providing specialist ENT, Audiology and Aural Care services. This allows us to offer consultant-led private ENT services alongside our high-quality audiology and clinical ear care offering and makes our clinic in Glasgow a unique centre of excellence where patients can access first-class audiology, aural care and ENT specialists in a single location.


Our Partners at Clyde Consulting Rooms

The highly-skilled ENT team at Clyde Consulting Rooms is led by Mr Stuart Robertson FRCSGlasg(ORL-HNS), a Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon with over 10 years of experience in the field. Patients at Clyde Consulting Rooms are reviewed by experienced ENT consultants with specialisms in the following fields:


  • nasal symptoms
  • sinus disease


  • middle ear disease
  • cholesteatoma
  • mixed hearing loss

Head & Neck surgery

  • Swallowing disorders
  • Investigation of neck lumps

Stuart also leads the Glasgow Voice Clinic with on-site access to a specialist laryngology service, offering state of the art endoscopic assessment of dysphonia and other laryngeal symptoms and on-site access to specialist Speech and Language Therapy service.

Clyde Consulting Rooms accept direct GP referrals for their consultant-led ENT services. Please send referrals to enquiries@clydeconsultingrooms.com . You can learn more about Clyde Consulting Rooms at their website, clydeconsultingrooms.com

Our Clinics

All House of Hearing clinics are in town centre locations and accessible to public transport and parking. Home visits also available if mobility is an issue.