Products & Services

Our focus is hearing and all that can be done to ensure you can continue to hear well in all kinds of demanding listening situations. This begins with the professional care given by our audiologists who will guide you through assessment of your hearing right through to the advice on what can be done about it.

The Aural Care nurses at House of Hearing will help manage any wax removal treatment requiring to be done at our well-equipped hearing care clinics. Accessible Clinical Ear Care is becoming increasingly to find from local Health Centres and GPs. We will be able to quickly examine your ears and advise whether any treatment is required. Appointments are often available at short notice.

Another popular service is the provision of specialist hearing protection. Excessive noise comes in many different forms and we can help you understand what levels are damaging and what products are available to help. These are all made to fit the contours of your ear for prolonged use.

Our Clinics

All House of Hearing clinics are in town centre locations and accessible to public transport and parking. Home visits also available if mobility is an issue.