How to clean a hearing aid (RITE)

The most common cause of a hearing aid failing is wax or dead skin entering the sound outlet of a hearing aid. This is a small space so it does not take much to block the sound from coming out. Fortunately, manufacturers have developed clever wax guards that stop this debris from entering the hearing aid and creating a bigger problem. If you have any difficulty changing the wax guard on your hearing aid, then call into one of our clinics and we will be happy to help with that.

The easiest way to make sure that your hearing aid is clean is actually to carry out any hygiene routine before putting it in your ear. The reason for that is that anything secreted from the body that may clog up the hearing aid is difficult to remove just after taking the hearing aid out of the ear. It is much better to clean the hearing aid when any debris has dried out using the cleaning tools you have been supplied with.

Better still, do this over a flat surface like a tissue on a table. In this way damage to the hearing aid can be prevented if you drop it. Finally, never use water or any other cleaning product that has not been advised by your Audiologist.

If you are in any doubt, please ask.


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