What To Expect From Your Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

What To Expect From Your Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that 1.5 billion people globally live with a hearing loss of some sort, and that by 2050 there could be over 700 million people with a disabling hearing loss.

Discovering and treating a hearing loss is particularly important as it has been linked to cognitive decline, as well as conditions such as dementia.

Hearing loss is so widespread among the population that audiologists are essential for examining, diagnosing and treating individuals. Audiologists are extensively trained healthcare professionals who undertake specialised training to understand the auditory system and the main causes of hearing loss. Thanks to this, they can investigate what type of hearing loss a person has and how best to treat it.

During a hearing test at House of Hearing, our experienced Audiologist will collect details of your hearing history and overall health record, to gain a better understanding of what is causing your hearing loss and how it affects you.

After diagnosis, a House of Hearing audiologist will provide their patient with treatment and solutions and give information to help determine which hearing aid is most compatible for them. Due to the advanced nature of hearing aid technology, an audiologist will provide ample follow up care and support to their patient. This is achieved at our hearing aid fitting appointments which help patients to understand how their new hearing aid works, how to look after the device and what to do in regard to maintenance and repairs.

Our hearing aid fitting appointments allow the audiologist to set up and program hearing aids to a patient’s individual hearing loss and considers their specific needs identified during their hearing test. The audiologist will also explain how to put on and take off the aids correctly, as well as how to clean and maintain the aid.

The audiologist teaches the patient how to look after their aids, in order to maximise the longevity and effectiveness. The aids, which have been selected to suit the patient’s lifestyle, are programmed to ensure the best possible solution and sound quality tailored to the individual’s hearing loss.

"You can have the best hearing aids in the world but if they’re not fitted properly, they might as well be the worst.” – House of Hearing Audiologist Conor Lawson

During a hearing aid fitting appointment at House of Hearing, your audiologist can help answer any questions you might have about your new hearing aid. They will also look inside your ears to check for wax build-up, or damage to the ear canal or eardrum; this is important because excess ear wax can cause feedback problems and can also affect how the aid fits into the ear.

As hearing experts for over 50 years, at House of Hearing we are experienced in providing specialist audiology and aural care, in addition to our ENT nurse-led wax removal service.

If you would like to make an appointment for a free hearing test to discuss how we can help improve your hearing, then give us a call on 0131 220 1220 or click here to complete the online form.

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