Hearing Aids Just Got Even Smarter! – Virtual Event

Hearing Aids Just Got Even Smarter! – Virtual Event

Did you know that hearing aids can connect to most smartphones? Or that Oticon hearing aids have ‘learnt’ to process sound in a similar way to how the brain learns to process information?

There have been some incredible developments in hearing aid technology over the past few years and the latest generation of hearing aids are smarter than ever, seamlessly connecting to a range of devices and providing users with access to a whole new level of sound quality.

Join our Virtual Event, hosted on Zoom at 12:30pm on Friday 19th May, to find out just how clever hearing aids really are, and also how the latest models can reduce the annoyance of sounds like wind noise and sharp sounds like cutlery and doors slamming.

Alison Stone, Training Manager for Oticon UK (one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world), will share her expert insights into the latest hearing aid technologies and how they could benefit you in your daily life. There will also be a Q&A session at the end of the presentation to give you the chance to ask Alison about the topic directly.

Please note that this event has now passed. Keep an eye on our News page and social media channels for updates on future events!




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