Widex Moment RITE or RIC

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The Widex Moment is the latest hearing aid from hearing aid manufacturer, Widex. It is claimed that it is the world’s first smart hearing aid using machine learning to make automatic adjustments based on the listening environment. Widex Moment can also connect wirelessly to smart devices opening up a whole new world of listening via your phone or tablet.

Technical Information

Widex employ their unique SoundSense Learn technology to make sure that clever noise reduction and directional microphones make the most of even the most demanding listening situations. Widex hearing aids for many years have been known for their ability to deliver a warmth to their amplified sound.

Price Range

There are 4 separate types over 4 different technology levels and your audiologist is the best person to advise which is the best Widex Moment for you. The Widex Moment starts from £1295.


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