Phonak Paradise RITE or RIC


Paradise is the latest hearing aid from manufacturer, Phonak. It has been created to deliver a crisp, natural sound to allow you to enjoy brilliant speech understanding. The dedicated ‘Speech Enhancer’ technology helps you enjoy conversations with friends, colleagues and loved ones. Dynamic noise cancellation technology is also employed to help you understand where noise is coming from and this can be manipulated through the dedicated app.

Technical Information

An on board motion sensor allows you to answer calls through your mobile with a simple gesture. You can also connect your Phonak Paradise hearing aids wirelessly to other smart devices including tablets, laptops and TVs. Rechargeable technology also means that you don’t need to worry about fiddly batteries. Phonak Paradise can carry enough charge to last all day.

Price Range

There are 4 different technology levels and your audiologist is the best person to advise which is the best Phonak Paradise for you. The Phonak Paradise starts from £1295.


Our Clinics

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