Best New Hearing Aids of 2017

Best New Hearing Aids of 2017

The best hearing device really depends on what you need it for.  It is the one that fits your lifestyle completely. Finding the one for you can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together a round-up of some of the best hearing aids by category from 2017.  

Most beautiful: Unitron Tempus Pro Kiss

Winner of several design awards, the tiny ‘Kiss’ range of Unitron devices is simply a stunning in-ear wearable. And it’s not just a good looker. The Tempus range also comes with technology that helps the wearer to contribute to conversations in some of the noisiest of places. This is because of its SoundCore technology, which works by understanding the sound environment it is in, and adjusting itself accordingly. This works by locating the source of the sound and provides a more natural sound for the wearer. You’ll also be able to use it all-day long with only one overnight charge.  

Most discreet: Starkey SoundLens Synergy i2400

Experts of the IIC (in-ear canal) aid Starkey have surpassed themselves with this updated SoundLens. Introduced several years ago and perfected this year, it is one of the smallest wearables on the market. They fit deep into your ear canal and can be customized to your exact ear shape, ensuring they are comfortable to be worn the whole day. They are meant to be removed at the end of the day, however. This is to ensure better ear health. These ‘invisible hearing aids’ also have full wireless technology so you can stream from your favorite devices.  And all of the other features you would expect from the latest hearing aids are present such as feedback cancellation and tinnitus relief.  

Best for noisy environments – Oticon Opn

For those who want the best performance in noisy environments (which is pretty much everyone) this one from hearing powerhouse Oticon does not disappoint. It comes with an ultra-fast Velox chip and Oticon’s patented BrainHearing technology that enables very natural sound processing. Together they help the brain make sense of the sound around the wearer. The OPN also contains the industry’s first device to connect with the Internet through the through the IFTTT (If This, Then That) community. It can be programmed to talk directly with doorbells, smoke detectors and other devices through the use of its app. The universal setting on the Opn adjusts levels according to which environment the wearer is in, allowing users to focus less on adjusting settings and more on living their life. Plus, it is a Made for iPhone hearing aid. This means it connects and streams cellphone calls and other audio direct from Apple devices without the need for a further accessory. Just imagine, you can listen to your favourite music and take calls without requiring an extra accessory!  

Best for music lovers - Bernafon Zerena 9

This hearing device aids use a different method in its sound processing than any other hearing aid. They use a “Channelfree” machine, which processes sounds in their entirety instead of segmenting the sounds into different channels. A more natural sound is produced which is especially noticeable for audiophiles or musicians. The Bernafon Zerena is Bernafon's most recent "Made for iPhone" portable aid which has another chip that enables you to connect directly to Apple gadgets utilizing Low Energy (BLE) at 2.4 GHz Bluetooth. This is a further boon to music-lovers as they can stream the Apple Music service directly into their ears. The Zerena 9 is the premium Model in the series, which uses Bernafon’s DECS (Dynamic environment control system). This makes sure that the settings of the hearing aid are always optimized for the environment the wearer is in, whether that be a rock concert or merely sitting at home listening to a favourite album.  

Best for tech-junkies: Resound Linx3D

One of the pioneers of the “Made for iPhone” revolution, ReSound has had a head start in positioning their hearing aid for the smartphone market. The Linx3D is blessed with an easy to use and powerful app, which makes it easy to control settings, and is not complicated to use. But that’s not all, you can even use it with Android devices, listening to music or watching Netflix. Watching movies is a pleasure, the audio is clear and the video is always in sync. With Bluetooth, you are able to receive calls directly into your ear canal, which increases your confidence when taking phone calls.  

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