Meet the Team

Shannon Watkinson
Aural Care Practitioner | Perth
Shannon Watkinson

Shannon started working at Boots Opticians in 2012 straight out of school and spent 7 years learning the ins and out of everything as an Optical Consultant. Having worked closely with hearing care in Boots, when an opportunity came up to move to that side of the business, she jumped at it. Shannon was trained in wax removal, hearing screening checks/health checks, hearing aid repairs, basic adjustments to hearing aids and impressions for hearing aids and ear plugs.

After going on maternity leave to have her daughter at the start of 2021, Shannon decided to leave her job in Boots and the opportunity came up to join the team at House of Hearing as an Aural Care Practitioner.

Clinical Expertise

“Moving to House of Hearing has been great, the team are all lovely and welcoming. I’ve been able to expand my knowledge in wax removal with new methods and equipment and I enjoy helping people to hear again. People often come in really struggling to hear and then 30 minutes later they leave being able to hear as normal again.”