Meet the Team

Sarah Cottam
Aural Nurse Practitioner | Morpeth
Sarah Cottam

Sarah began her career as an Auxiliary Nurse, specialising within NHS Infectious Disease Wards, the Emergency Services and as a Pharmacy Advisor. She also gained a large amount of skill and experience in developing two award winning hotel Spa and Leisure complexes as Spa Development Manager and in-house Trainer. Using the skills and knowledge that she had gained, Sarah also took on teaching roles delivering a range of subjects including Healthcare Anatomy and Physiology to local colleges and spas.

Clinical Expertise

Sarah brings a diverse skillset to House of Hearing and is qualified to carry out all three types of wax removal procedures offered at House of Hearing – microsuction, irrigation and instrumentation.  

“I have a passion for supporting people within their health journey. I have experienced issues with my hearing when younger and know how daunting coming to a see a specialist can be in any healthcare setting. I enjoy being able to support our patients during their time of need and going forwards with any aftercare they may require. I find House of Hearing to be a very rewarding, specialist and professional environment to work in”