Missed out at Christmas?

Missed out at Christmas?

As many as 1 in 7 seven people in the UK experience some degree of hearing loss so it’s unsurprising that reduced levels of hearing can cause concerns and worries, especially during the holidays when more time is spent with friends and family.

Age related or acquired hearing loss is often referred to as a ‘social loss’ because it is when people are socialising that they notice that they need most help.

Sounds in the background tend to drown out conversation and our patients often tell us that when listening to conversation in background noise it can be almost impossible to follow what people are saying.

It is no coincidence that our Audiologists see a sharp upturn in patients seeking help at the beginning of each year, as difficulties hearing well in social environments has been highlighted throughout the holiday season.

Our Audiologists report that patients tell them that they have been avoiding certain social situations, because of the feelings they experience when they are unable to hear well.

Modern, discreet digital hearing aids are now capable of solving even the most complex of hearing issues and as such, once hearing has been restored our patients can regret having waited such a long time to address the issue.

You may think that having a hearing loss doesn’t affect your health – except for your actual hearing. But an untreated hearing loss could have more effects than you’d think, particularly for your mental health. Scientists have found that the chances of mental decline go up, the worse your hearing problems are. In fact, a study of older adults with hearing loss found that they had the same mental decline in 7.7 years as other older adults with normal hearing had in 10.9 years.

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