Have you heard the news? Hearing is critical for a healthy and happy life, but most people can’t remember having it checked

Have you heard the news? Hearing is critical for a healthy and happy life, but most people can’t remember having it checked

We like to make some noise about aural healthcare and wellness, and to support this, our team commissioned research to find out more about people’s attitudes to hearing and how it impacts their lives.  

It revealed some interesting findings: firstly, that even though the majority of those surveyed (209 across Scotland in July) believe hearing is important to have a happy and healthy life, over 60% don’t remember ever having it checked. 

Over 70% gave it a score of 8 or higher, and just over a third (37%) responded with the highest value (10). Despite this, the survey found that 67% of people don’t remember having their hearing checked, while only 15% reported having it checked in the last 2-5 years. 

Additionally, when asked if they have noticed more problems with their hearing during the pandemic, 77% responded that they had noticed no further changes. 

For us, these results drive home what we already know from our work and what our patients tell us: that hearing is vital if people want to continue having happy, fulfilled lives, filled with the activities that are important to them. Despite this, there seems to be hesitation when it comes to proactive care. 

For us, it’s no different to finding out that you might need a pair of glasses, and while it’s great to see that so many people haven’t noticed a difference during the pandemic, without regularly getting your hearing checked, you will never be 100% sure. 

This is why we always recommend getting your hearing tested every 2 years, increasing this to every year after 70 years of age to ensure people aren’t missing out on any aspect of their life.

In our new clinic at Melville Crescent in Edinburgh, patients will be able to access the highest quality audiological facilities. The most comprehensive hearing tests and aural care are available in dedicated soundproof consulting rooms with fully qualified Audiologists using the latest equipment.

We also recently launched a new private ENT service, the first of its kind in Scotland, at our new clinic in Glasgow. This clinic will be the first private clinic in Scotland solely dedicated to providing specialist ENT, Audiology and Aural Care Services, in partnership with local ENT consultants, Clyde Consulting Rooms. 

Ultimately, while many people will experience some form of hearing loss throughout their lives, this doesn’t have to affect their quality of life. Regular testing every two years can help identify issues early on and ensure there is a robust, proactive plan in place to support you and ensure the impact to your life is minimal. 

Call our Edinburgh clinic on 0131 220 1220 or email us today to start your journey to better hearing.

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