Best Hearing Aids 2019

Best Hearing Aids 2019

We are often asked what are the best hearing aids in 2019? The obvious answer to that one is the one that you are happy to wear and help you to hear better in different listening environments. At House of Hearing we are always happy to discuss different types and styles of hearing aids and what they can do for you. If you want to learn more about hearing aids that are new to the world of audiology, then read on.

The latest in a series of best hearing aids in 2019 is the Oticon Opn S from one of the world’s biggest hearing aid developers based in Denmark. This amazing new hearing aid detects and processes sound so quickly and cleverly that it can cope with background noise. Their latest research* shows that people with mild hearing loss using Oticon Opn S can hear as well as people with normal hearing in background noise. It also comes with a range of accessories including a docking station that allows the hearing aids to recharge overnight. There is also a streaming device which can send sound straight from the TV to the hearing aids using low power Bluetooth.

Phonak hearing aids have been popular in the UK for years and are some of the very best hearing aids in 2019 from Switzerland. Their latest product, Marvel 2.0 is a great hearing aid but can also stream phone calls, music and radio from your smartphone or tablet. Phonak have also been know for their ability to stream from smart devices straight into the hearing aids. This means that making and receiving phone calls through the hearing aids is easier than ever.

Widex are another hearing aid manufacturer from Denmark that use Artificial Intelligence to improve the performance of their latest Evoke hearing aids. The technology that allows them to be considered as one of the best hearing aids in 2019. Widex claim that it is the world’s smartest hearing aid and uses machine learning to make automatic adjustments in varying listening environments. This is what powers their SoundSense Learn technology which encompasses noise reduction and directional microphone strategies to help you hear more clearly.

Signia Styletto is the latest offer from the brand that was formerly known as Siemens hearing aids. It has a unique design that means we couldn’t leave it out of a list of best hearing aids in 2019. With a sleek design using metallic colours and rechargeable technology they look like they might be a pair of smart device headphones rather than hearing aids. Again, wireless connectivity opens up a world of app control and streaming of your favourite tunes and shows.

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* Juul Jensen 2018, Oticon Whitepaper

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