We live in a world full of noise

Prolonged exposure to unfiltered, loud noise from our surroundings can damage hearing permanently. Experts agree that exposure to sound levels of 85 decibels (dB) and greater can damage hearing over time.

Once hearing is damaged it cannot be repaired, only managed.

Air horns at a sporting event
ACS custom musicians' hearing protectors

Why choose custom hearing protection?

Each ear is different.

Investing in a custom-made hearing protection appliance ensures a comfortable fit over extended periods of use and even noise reduction across the spectrum of audio frequencies. You will be able to perceive the full range of frequencies from your surroundings but at a manageable level of intensity.

Off-the shelf protection

House of Hearing recommends that you take preventative measures to limit your exposure to potentially damaging loud noise.

While we understand that investing in custom hearing protection may not be possible for everybody, we can offer cost-effective off-the-shelf hearing protection for music, motorsports and shooting.

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Off the shelf plugs for shooting