Oticon Hearing Aids in Scotland

Oticon is a hearing aid company with a global presence. They focus on understanding how the brain naturally perceives sound and apply state-of-the-art technology to complement it.

The current hearing aid range is based on Oticon’s BrainHearing technology, which supports the way the brain makes sense of sound. It allows users to orientate themselves in their surroundings, for a more harmonious understanding of speech and sound, particularly in complex environments.

There are four key BrainHearing features. Please note that some of these features are only available with Oticon’s premium hearing aids.

  • Speech Guard E enables users to keep up with rapid conversations in noisy environments.
  • Spatial Sound provides richer spatial awareness, and helps users to locate the source of a sound.
  • Free Focus is an automatic zoom function that hones in on the most important sounds, helping to easily shift focus between situations.
  • YouMatic allows users to tailor their hearing aid to personal preferences.

The adult hearing aids are available in a variety of styles, including Invisible in the Canal (IIC), behind the ear (BTE) or the internationally award-winning designRITE (receiver in the ear). They come in a range of colours to match skin tone, hair colour and personal style.

Oticon produce a range of wireless ConnectLine devices, which are compatible with their entire range. This opens up a world of possibilities in communication and entertainment. Audio can be streamed directly from telephones, computers, game consoles and TVs, turning hearing aids into stereo headphones.

Performance hearing aids

Oticon’s standard hearing aids are available at three performance points. All three can be upgraded to include a tinnitus relief feature.

Alta2 is Oticon’s premium hearing solution, and their most advanced aid to date. It provides full access to all four BrainHearing technologies, with additional features including Soft Speech booster and Feedback Shield.

Nera2 is Oticon’s mid-level solution. It features Spatial Sound, Free Focus and YouMatic, for a natural and personal listening experience.

Ria2 is Oticon’s high-performing essential solution, featuring Free Focus and YouMatic for excellent sound quality and enhanced speech understanding.

Super Power Hearing

Dynamo is designed for users with severe to profound hearing loss. Its wide bandwidth aims to capture as many sounds as possible, preserving speech details and helping users to keep up with conversation. Its unique Speech Rescue technology identifies high-frequency sounds and consonants such as “s” and “th”, and moves them to a lower range for easier hearing. The Inium Feedback Shield feature has been optimized for severe hearing loss, to protect users from annoying whistling and squealing. Dynamo also includes Speech Guard E and YouMatic for a reliable and high-quality listening experience.


Sensei Paediatric range

Sensei and Sensei SP (severe to profound) are designed to help children with hearing loss, from infant to teenager. Sensei is Oticon’s most advanced paediatric solution to date, combining maximum sound clarity with clever engineering.

Sensei features a wide audio bandwidth that enhances speech understanding – especially useful for children learning to make connections between speech and meaning. Additional features such as SuperSilencer and VoicePriority help children hear their teachers in noisy classrooms and give them confidence in social situations.

The hearing aids are “adventure-proof” – robust, water-resistant, tamper-resistant and allergen-free. An external indicator light lets parents and caregivers know when programs are activated or batteries are running low.

Sensei is available as a BTE model, providing an exceptionally powerful hearing aid in a very small size. A range of vibrant and playful colours and stickers give children the freedom to fully customize their aids.


For more information about Oticon hearing aids and accessories, contact House of Hearing via our website. You can also call us on 0131 220 1220 or visit one of our centres.

Introducing Oticon OPN

Oticon OPN is the company’s most advanced hearing aid to date. OPN has been developed with Oticon’s trademarked “BrainHearing” approach – using state-of-the-art technology to complement the way our brains naturally process sound. Oticon aim to take the effort out of listening, meaning a patient’s brain is free to focus on hearing more and hearing better.