Hand holding a small behind the ear hearing aid

Searching for the right hearing aid is an important investment

You want a hearing instrument that can enhance your ability to communicate and deliver an improved quality of life. You will have lots of questions and may find the sheer range of options daunting. For this reason, House of Hearing offers a tailored, one-to-one service at our centres or from the comfort of your own home.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and our service. We will work with you to determine the best type and style of hearing instrument and configure it to meet your needs.

House of Hearing is completely independent and carries a broad range of hearing aids from all major manufacturers. All of our products are available on a trial basis to help you choose with confidence.

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Hearing Aid Testimonials

I approached House of Hearing because I wanted to go to an “expert” rather than just a High Street chain. House of Hearing helped me by making sure that my Hearing Aid was right for me. When the first Hearing Aid didn’t suit me (it was a ‘behind the ear” model), House of Hearing exchanged it free of charge for an “in-the-ear” product. Since then, I’ve had it ‘fine tuned’ and it is now perfect. I’m very happy with it. One thing I liked was their personal attention. Each staff member which I’ve met is really pleasant and friendly. I found the experience very reassuring. I had never had a Hearing Aid before and I wasn’t sure if my hearing was normal or not. I would recommend House of Hearing to people who need someone who is honest and professional. They will not try to sell you something you don’t need, but they will work hard to make sure that what you do buy is exactly right for you.

-Eileen H.

I like the House of Hearing because of the warm welcome and professional practice!

-Alec M.