Customised earpieces offer unrivalled fit, comfort, and function

For performing and recording musicians, we can recommend In-Ear Monitors customised to a range of specifications. For Motorsports professionals and enthusiasts, protect your hearing and stay connected with our specialist earpieces designed for wearing under helmets. Broadcasters can order discreet communication earpieces for use in the studio and in the field.

Our custom earpiece range includes protective plugs for swimmers and sleep plugs for shift workers, travellers and light sleepers.

How are they made?

During your appointment one of our trained members of staff will inspect your ear canal. If your ear canal does require cleaning we offer a comprehensive ear wax removal service.

After examination, your ears will be injected with a flexible impression material. The audiologist will take care to fully capture the shape of your ear canal and outer ear; this ensures the best, most comfortable fit.

The impressions will be passed to our manufacturing partner along with the final product specifications. There may be an opportunity to customise the earpiece with a range of colours, finishes and branding.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.