Phonak Lyric

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The Phonak Lyric hearing aid is a unique solution for those who want a discrete solution for their hearing loss plus the convenience of keeping it in the ear for weeks. Also referred to as an extended wear device, Phonak Lyric has to be inserted and removed by a Phonak Lyric Specialist and will require to be changed every few (on average 3) months. Your audiologist will be able to tell you whether the Phonak Lyric hearing aid is suited to your ear hearing loss and ear canal.

Technical Information

Phonak Lyric is micro engineering at its best and these tiny hearing aids will deliver a clear, natural sound 24 hours a day. Currently Phonak Lyric uses analogue sound processing which sounds great but is not yet equipped with the fastest digital signal processors, directional microphones or wireless streaming with smart devices.

Price Range

Phonak Lyric is only available on an annual subscription which costs £1700 per year.

Our Clinics

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