Oticon Opn

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The Oticon Opn hearing aid is one of the best hearing aids in the world today. At its heart is a unique Velox processor which allows it to process sound incredibly quickly. The components inside have been designed so that they are amongst the smallest to any hearing aid prescribed, allowing the manufacturer to build a truly small shell especially for you. Your audiologist will be able to tell you whether the Oticon Opn In the Canal (ITC) hearing aid is suited to your ear canal.

Technical Information

These amazing hearing aids are capable of improved listening in background noise as well as coping with most patient’s hearing loss thanks the placing the output of the hearing aid so close to the ear drum. A small extraction cord will make it easier to insert and remove the hearing aid from your ear.

Price Range

The Oticon Opn In the Canal hearing aid is available at 3 different technology levels and your audiologist is the best person to advise which is the best Oticon Opn for you. The Oticon Opn starts from £1395.

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