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House of Hearing’s flagship centre has been in Edinburgh’s West End for over forty years.

House of Hearing was established by David Fairfield, the father of current managing director Stephen Fairfield, starting out in a single room in Stafford Street. As the company grew it expanded to occupy three floors and now includes impressive hearing aid consulting rooms fitted with the latest audiological technology.

Stephen and his team offer an exceptional one-to-one service either in the Edinburgh centre or by appointment in your home.

In addition to dispensing hearing instruments from a breadth of manufacturers, our Edinburgh centre offers specialist services such as custom ear protection, microsuction for wax removal and tinnitus management training and technology.

Stafford Street is a short walk from the west of Princes Street and approximately 10 minutes on foot from Haymarket railway station.

The reception is managed by Ruth Porteous, daughter of David and sister of Stephen.


2 Stafford Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7AU

Tel No:
0131 220 1220

Opening Hours:
Mon – Friday 8.30am to 5pm
Sat – 8.30am to 12 noon     

Wheelchair Access:
Yes. Patient lift available.

Single yellow lines for disabled blue badge holders directly outside the shop and extensive pay and display parking in nearby Melville Street.

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House of Hearing
2 Stafford Street EdinburghScotland EH3 7AU
Phone: 0131 220 1220
5 stars

Testimonial for House of Hearing Edinburgh

I approached the H of H because an Edinburgh-based speaker on deafness (herself deaf) to my Probus Club gave it as one of only two sources, when she was asked whom she’d recommend for advice. (Subsequently, around 2014 or 2015, after consulting House of Hearing and buying my first aid there, I also saw it named in an issue of “Which?” reporting on deafness… and on their information I rely, having subscribed since 1958.)

House of Hearing helped me by giving me a test (the response of each ear over a frequency range) and showing me the results on-screen. They then demonstrated a behind-the-ear aid which boosted my response to the attenuated frequencies and greatly improved my comprehension of speech: especially in noisy environments.

The result was that I left having bought the aid – and wearing it, and from that point I have worn it regularly. Three years later the process was repeated and I left with a second aid, matched to my other ear, which I have also worn regularly ever since.

One thing I liked was their lack of displaying any sign of a “hard sell.” They gave me tests and immediately showed me the results – which convinced me of a need for corrective action. They then handed me an aid to wear, and demonstrated that it restored my hearing of frequencies I’d been missing: so it provided remedial action. It was also unobtrusive and comfortable to wear. I left having bought it, with no sense of anything having been forced on me.

I found the experience rewarding. It gave the results I needed: with minimum use of time, and it left me a sense of trust. This has been reinforced whenever I have made subsequent contact with House of Hearing especially as I have now met four or five of their audiologists, all of whom had access to my historical data and all of whom inspired my confidence, and leaves me feeling that if I have a query or need, it will be attended to promptly and competently, whoever happens to be “minding the store.”

I would recommend H of H to people who need convincing that their hearing needs investigation, and possibly the use of aids. The visit should enable individuals to convince themselves of their need and of a way to meet it. (And my “Which?” reading reports that House of Hearing are significantly less expensive than some competitors!).

-Peter K.

I like the House of Hearing because, if necessary, they’re always happily prepared to go the extra mile and all the staff are so professional, yet also so friendly.

11/10 is my score!

-David M.

All five audiologists I’ve seen have given direct, informative answers to all my questions – with full access (visible on screen) to my past history over five years – with excellent results from my two purchases of aids.

-Peter K.

I approached House of Hearing because my family insisted that advice about my poor hearing was long overdue and their web search recommended Stafford Street.

House of Hearing helped me by making the examination and recommendations simple, effective and competitive, as well as reassuring. The volume controls of TV, music, etc, were lowered and the word “pardon” was no longer necessary 20 times a day! And I could hear the birds singing!

One thing I liked was the special personal touch. I felt relaxed and comfortable. I found the experience reassuring and when I left with my superb aids, I was much more confident and wished I had taken the plunge years before! I would recommend House of Hearing to people who need the courage to address weak hearing and, in fact, I have done just that successfully on several occasions!!

-David M.

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