Rock concert from the viewpoint of the audience

Whether you are in the audience, on-stage, or front of house, your hearing is at risk

Musicians’ back-line amplification and concert PAs can drive volume beyond the 85 dB (decibel) threshold that can result in permanent hearing damage. In some cases concerts and their audiences can generate sound levels that exceed 125 dB, the point at which sound causes pain.

Wearing ear plugs while practising, performing or enjoying music will protect your hearing from overexposure to damaging noise, hearing loss and tinnitus.

Love your music: Protect your ears

Contact us to request an appointment at one of our House of Hearing centres.

At your appointment we will work with you to understand the best hearing protection to meet your needs.

We can specify attenuation of up to 27 dB – ideal for drummers and stage crew.

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