Phonak Belong

Phonak has just introduced the next generation in their hearing technology: the Belong Platform. Phonak has a crystal clear focus – to simplify their customers’ lives, and to push the boundaries of hearing performance.

Belong includes an enhanced version of Phonak’s acclaimed AutoSense OS. This automated operating system intelligently adjusts settings to match a user’s surroundings. As a result, the hearing aids are easy-to-use, and offer outstanding sound delivery throughout the day.

The Audéo B range includes the Audéo B-R hearing aid, which is the first in the industry to use lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. This groundbreaking device offers an incredible 24 hours of use on a full charge, a long battery-life and a fast recharge in a small package.

phonak-b-and-b-r Hearing aids

The Audéo B Range

The Audéo B is Phonak’s new Receiver-in-canal (RIC) portfolio for mild to severe hearing loss. The range offers five different models of hearing aid (Audéo B-10, B-312, B-312T, B-13 and B-R), a sophisticated new design, 3 external receivers, 4 different performance levels and 9 different colours. The hearing aids are water and dust resistant to IP68 standards, meaning they are protected from rain and accidental submersion in water.

phonak hearing aid colors

New Features

Audéo B runs on AutoSense OS, which has been enhanced with a range of new features for better hearing throughout the day. It captures and analyses incoming sounds, then automatically adjusts settings to match your sound environment. The result is optimum sound performance, no matter what situation you are in. All you have to do is turn your hearing aids on, and the OS will do the rest.

It offers a range of new and updated signature features, and automatic and manual programs. Features such as UltraZoom and StereoZoom offer 20% better speech understanding, with the ability to improve intelligibility by up to 60% in noisy environments. Another key feature, SoundRecover2 instantaneously restores access to high frequency sounds, without compromising on natural sound quality.

It also includes a noise generator for tinnitus management, and technologies to improve hearing and speech intelligibility in complex sound situations such as cars, noisy restaurants and echo-filled locations. Other features offer enhanced experiences when listening to music or in one-to-one situations. Fine-tuning channels give users dynamic control over their settings, with the ability to customize and remember personal preferences.

Audéo B-R

phonak-audeo-bAudéo B-R is the first-ever hearing aid to feature a lithium-ion battery, making it the quickest-charging and most powerful rechargeable hearing device on the market. The days of worrying about your battery are over – Audéo B-R provides an impressive 24 hours of use on a full 8-hour charge, and offers 40% more power than normal rechargeables. Your hearing aids will be ready whenever you need them, no matter the time of day. The battery’s lifespan matches the lifetime of your hearing aid, so you’ll never need to buy or change a battery again. It’s also environmentally friendly, given that the average hearing aid user will send 100 batteries to the landfill every year.

Changing hearing aid batteries can be complicated and fiddly. Phonak have tackled this problem and settled on a novel solution. The battery is in-built, so there’s no battery compartment to open – simply slip the hearing aids into the easy-to-handle charging station and your job is done.

It comes with three different charging options, for full flexibility:

  • The standard charging case doubles as a drying unit to keep your hearing aid in tip-top condition. Its hard body offers excellent storage security and protection for your hearing aids.
  • The compact mini charger is useful for keeping anywhere you might need to recharge, such as your workplace.
  • The power pack easily attaches to the charger case, for charging on-the-go. Its excellent solution for situations where you may not have access to a power source, such as a long flight or camping trip.


Making life simpler.

Phonak have designed the Belong platform to make life simpler for their customers. With the innovative AutoSense OS, and Audéo B-R’s groundbreaking rechargeable battery, users can look forward to an exciting and effortless listening experience.

If you’d like more information about Audéo B and Audéo B-R, get in touch to set up an appointment. Give us a call on 0131 220 1220 or contact us online.