Television and Multimedia

Are you having difficulty hearing audio from your television, or music from your Hi-Fi?

House of Hearing can recommend adapters that work with home multimedia devices that connect wirelessly with your hearing instrument or pendant.

The adapter units link into standard analogue- or digital connections for maximum compatibility with your devices.

Oticon TV Adapter
Phonak DECT landline telephone

Mobile and Land-line Telephones

House of Hearing have a range of mobile- and fixed line telephones with Bluetooth and telecoil capabilities that permits audio to be transmitted to compatible hearing instruments.

We stock mobile and land-line ‘phones designed with ease of use in mind as well as adapters that let you keep using your favourite mobile ‘phone.

Our telephones and accessories may depend on optional features of some hearing instruments. Contact us and we’ll ensure you choose compatible models.

Microphones and Pendants

In particularly challenging environments ambient noise can make conversations difficult. We can recommend a choice of directional and clip-on microphones that can enhance one-to-one communication.

Our range of wireless pendants act as the ‘glue’ between many accessories and your hearing instrument. Using technologies such as Bluetooth, devices can be paired with pendants and their audio redirected to your hearing aids.

Roger Pen Microphone
A selection of hearing aid domes

Hearing Aid Spares

We stock a range of spares and parts including domes for receivers, audio tubes, weather shields and retention wires.


We stock a wide range of batteries suitable for the majority of manufacturers and models. Batteries can be purchased over the counter at our House of Hearing centres, or ordered for home delivery.

We also sell battery testers for checking battery health and maximising battery life.

Don’t forget to stock up on batteries if you are travelling or going on holiday.

Rayovac hearing aid batteries
Cedis brand wipes for cleaning hearing aids

Cleaning and Storage

To maximise the long life of a hearing instrument, it is important to keep the aid clean and dry. That’s why we stock hygienic cleaning wipes, wax removal sprays and creams, cleaning tools, cleaning kits and dehumidifiers.

We also stock cleaning products for your ears, too.