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This website has been designed to adapt to a variety of Internet browsers and devices. It will modify individual pages to make the content readable on almost every computer screen. The website has been optimised for fullscreen use on 16:9 displays at a resolution of 720p (HD) or greater.

We recommend viewing this website with a modern, web standards-compliant browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Internet Explorer may not render pages correctly and hinder navigation.

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The website has been designed to be navigated from the main menu as well as links in text bodies and ‘breadcrumb’ trails at the top of each page.

Each menu item, including the top-level description, is a link in its own right.

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We may provide links to third party websites. Responsibility for the content of those third party sites lies with their owners.


Like many websites, the House of Hearing website uses Internet cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet, or mobile ‘phone when you browse websites. Cookies help us make our website work and help improve your visit.

We use cookies to personalise the site for you, remember any responses you may have given (including acknowledging our use of cookies), help us integrate third party services such as Twitter and Google, generate statistics and measurements to help understand use of our website, and for certain website users, track whether they have been logged in or not. For the majority of users, there is no need to log into our website.

We may, in the future, add more functionality to the website that will use cookies for different purposes, such as e-Commerce, or add new third party services that set and get their own cookies.

By using this website you authorise us to set and read cookies. If you do not wish to accept cookies on your computer, you can leave the website and delete your browser’s cache to clear cookies and cached pages. If you choose to return to the website, you will be treated as a new visitor to the site and cookies may be set up again.

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